Wedding organizers: whether to order their services


Planner planning

The organizer will help you with your holiday if you do not want to deal with all the organizational details of the wedding yourself. But he's not just your assistant. This person has extensive experience in preparing weddings from and to, repeatedly came out of difficult situations and knows about pitfalls. He has a list of all the wedding specialists with whom he constantly works and who he can trust. Planner planning also plays an indispensable role in preparing for the wedding, which allows you to conduct all processes in a convenient format.

How a wedding organizer can be useful

Turning to the organizer, you relax and do your business, letting go and shifting all questions to his shoulders. Such routine but time-consuming matters:

  • music equipment issues,
  • coordination of the banquet,
  • time of arrival of guests,
  • requirements of the wedding team (food, transfer, equipment) and so on.

The organizer will help to develop the style of the wedding:

  • morning bride,
  • think about the places of the walk,
  • organize an away registration with a beautiful ceremony and think through a wedding dinner.

He is your loyal assistant and guide to the world of the wedding industry. Trust the chosen specialist, his taste and flair. He knows very well how to start planning a wedding.

How to choose?

Most organizers have their own format or, if this can be called so - character. Choose someone who is close to you in spirit and makes weddings in a concept close to your idea. The organizer, of course, will not abandon your ideas, but can see them in his own way.

To better understand the level of agency, ask to skip the cases of weddings held. Rate the presentations of several organizers. Watch photos and videos from these weddings, rate the budgets of what you saw.

Who dictates the rules?

You can come to the organizers with your specialists, there is no problem in this. After all, your preferences are your individuality. If suddenly your organizer restricts your choice or refuses your offers, think: perhaps it is worth choosing another wedding agency. A good specialist will always listen to your needs and in every detail will try to show the character of your couple and its history.

Wedding budget

The wedding agency will help to properly allocate your budget, restrain and control it if necessary. Budget is where to start when planning a wedding. In addition, the organizers often have a large selection of venues, and you can get additional bonuses, in case of good relations between the venue and the wedding agency.

The cost of services of the wedding organizer is usually about 10% of the total wedding budget. In some cases, it may be a fixed amount. But do not rush to assume that this is expensive. Estimate how many calls you will need to make yourself, how many people to meet, calculating amounts, finding options, actions, nerves. Are you ready to work at your own wedding? But by putting all this in experienced hands, you can be calm, fully enjoy the process and live this day.


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